Sunday 12 April 2009

ˈmeidʒər | ənˈmainə | \toungruːps | in\iŋgliʃ

In his comment on my posting “punctuation in transcription” (9 April), Peter Roach referred to John Trim’s excellent 1959 article in m.f. 112:26-29.
Although when I vacated my room at UCL I had to get rid of a large number of books (lacking the space to keep them all at home), I nevertheless couldn’t bear to dispose of my collected issues of Le Maître Phonétique. That means I am able to offer you scans of excerpts from the article, to give you a flavour of it.

Let’s hope that one day soon the entire run of mf/JIPA will be digitized and made available to all.

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