Friday 19 June 2009

Nigel Greenwood 5 April 1945 - 13 June 2009

I was so sorry to hear that Nigel Greenwood, a follower of and frequent commentator on this blog, was killed last Saturday in a gliding accident in Cheltenham at the age of 64.
By profession Nigel was a statistician, but took early retirement and devoted himself to languages and particularly to phonetics.
The funeral will be at Cheltenham crematorium on Thursday 25 June.
My condolences to his widow Eve.


  1. I was most upset to hear of Nigel's death. He was my oldest and closest friend. I was at school and university with him.

    I'm unable to attend his funeral, but at the behest of his daughter I have written an "in memoriam" piece, in which I concude that he was "an outstanding man". Indeed he was.

  2. Sad indeed.

    But it is good to hear that he enjoyed life to the fullest. I wouldn't go gliding, myself. My hats off to him.

    My condolences.

  3. Terribly sad. I knew him since we were 18. We were at school together, though never met each other there. We never lost touch after going to Greece with David Robey in 1963.
    Nigel was a brilliantly gifted linguist, and a very original, humorous, an entertaining companion.
    My heart goes out to Eve, Chloe, Erik, and Daphne
    Giles Warrack

  4. Shockingly sad news. As comembers of the Chinese Discussion List @, I got to know Nigel only virtually. He offered a great many useful comments to our discussions of the Chinese language, always seeming to find opportunity to throw in the Persian angle. He seemed a man of great knowledge, insight, and humor. My condolences to his family.

    Jeffrey J. Hayden

  5. I am very sorry to hear this as well. Thanks, John, for posting the information.

    Bill Tegner, if there's some place to read your "in memoriam" I would like to do so. I have written a short piece at Beijing Sounds.


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